Account opening

Access conditions

The ESPRI Mesocentre is devoted to the research carried out at IPSL by IPSL laboratory staff and its partners. For non-IPSL staff as well as non-permanent staff, it is mandatory to provide a permanent staff member of one of the components of IPSL as a referent.
Requests for accounts are made on-line via the form below. You will receive a reply by email.
Each account is independent and belongs to a single user.
Requests for accounts with non-institutional e-mail addresses in gmail, yahoo … will be ignored.


Ssh keys :

The access to Mesocenter servers is via a secure SSH connection. To generate your ssh keys on your machine:

  • Under unix : « ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 » then  « cd ~/.ssh »
  • Copy/paste the contents of the public part ( into the form below.
  • If you already have a public key, you can attach it to the form in the same way.
  • Under windows, use puttygen to generate the ssh keys and make a copy/paste of the key displayed in <<publickey for pasting into openSSH authorized_keys file>>
  • An ssh public key is a string starting with  » ssh-rsa AAAA » . if you don’t have that , this is not the good one.


Information list :

The registration to the mesocentre information list « » is automatic at the opening of the account.

ESPRI Mesocentre Account Opening Form

CreationModification in case of modification give your login
Name* First name*
Email* Phone
Institutional address Status*
Your laboratory* External IPSL
Contract or internship : From To
Referent (Permanent staff) of an IPSL laboratory for non-permanent or external staff:
Name First name
Email Phone
Mesocentre Login Laboratory
A. What are the themes of your activities ?
B. For which applications do you want to open this account ?
C. Which data sets, model outputs or specials groups do you want to use ?
D. What is the expected duration of this study ?
E. Sizing of the need
- Storage (specify an order of magnitude in Go)
- Calculation and disk usage (1 = low, 3 = intensive)
Calculation level 123
Disk writing level 123
Disk Read Level    123
Copy/paste the contents of your public rsa key (this starts with "ssh-rsa") : *
I declare I have read the computer charters necessary for the use of the mesocenter.
Renater charter* UPMC charter* Polytechnique charter*
Result of the operation*